Recovery is contagious, so you need a community in which that contagion can be seeded and passed on.  Recovery communities provide an environment in which individuals in early recovery can be inspired by, and learn from, those people who are further along in their recovery journey.

Members of recovery communities engage in a wide range of social, physical and educational activities that fill the void created by moving away from previous unhealthy addictive behaviours, and help individuals create a more fulfilling and rewarding lifestyle. Recovery communities facilitate human connection and enable feelings of belonging, leading to an improved psychological wellbeing. 

Recovery communities enhance the visibility of recovery, show recovering people giving back to the wider community, and challenge the stigma and discrimination that exists towards people who have developed drug and alcohol problems or are overcoming such problems. Recovery communities show that recovering people are assets in the wider community.

10th August 2023

Towards Recovery

Towards Recovery offers a Recovery Cafe in Henley-on-Thames, as well as an online Recovery Cafe, where people recovering from addiction, can get support and encouragement. It aims to help people connect with others, re-connect with themselves and the world around them, and make sustainable changes to create a life of...
10th August 2023

Eternal Media

Eternal Media is a media production social enterprise and charity, located in Wrexham, that makes high impact documentary films. Their professional, award-winning producers empower and mentor volunteer film crews, which comprise people who are rebuilding their lives and are recovering from addiction and/or an involvement in...
10th August 2023

North Wales Recovery Communities

North Wales Recovery Communities (NWRC) comprises a number of communities, including a residential rehab at Penrhyn House, Growing for Change, with its gardens and allotments, and Bwyd Da Bangor (Good Food Bangor), a community cafe/restaurant that provides the best food on the High Street. Penrhyn House offers space for various...