Film Teaser

19th September 2023

Introducing Marcus Fair

Marcus shares with us his decades of drug use, and a spiral into chaos and mayhem, his survival and eventual successful recovery. We then hear how influential individuals and moments alongside an introduction to broadcasting, and in particular film production, provided Marcus with a a fresh sense of purpose.
17th September 2023

Introducing Dr. Wendy Dossett

Wendy has so much insight into the process of recovery. She is honest and thoughtful when reflecting on her own recovery journey. She has a rich understanding of the 12-Step Fellowship and in particular the role that spirituality plays in recovery. Many years of navigating obstacles within systems, and supporting meaningful actions...
12th September 2023

Introducing Dr. David McCartney

I have known Dr. David McCartney, the Founder of Lothians and Edinburgh Abstinence Programme (LEAP), since around 2007. I am touched by David's gratitude for his recovery and his commitment to helping others have the opportunities that he was offered as a GP. I greatly value our friendship and all that I have learnt from David.
10th September 2023

Introducing James Deakin

James is a straight-talking, man of passion who offers through his personal and the NWRC story a brilliant insight into the nature of a peer-led recovery organisation and how it is so different from, and is beyond, the world of treatment. Here is a short Film Teaser made from my interview with James in March 2023.