24th November 2023

Mutual Aid, Part 2

James Deakin points out that members of North Wales Recovery Communities (NWRC) are given a variety of mutual aid options. If the person can't relate to the 12-Step approach, they can try Smart Recovery, and if that doesn't work they can try CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) or ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Theory).
13th October 2023

There’s a Place for Me: James Deakin

James points out that he used to be incredibly intimidated by academics at one point. He felt out of place mixing with academics at recovery-related events, but later realised that he had something to contribute. He heard academics talking about recovery-related matters in a theoretical way, but he could see how to apply these...
5th October 2023

Nature of Recovery, Part 2

Marcus Fair, Founder of of Eternal Media, emphasises that he was a very busy addict. When someone like him gets into recovery, they are thinking, ‘How I am going to fill those 24 hours? If you can’t remember what you used to do, or you were a kid when you got onto drugs, and you have no outside interests… now what?’
14th September 2023

Giving Back, Part 1

James Deakin points out that a major ethos of North Wales Recovery Communities (NWRC) is to be of service to the wider community of Bangor and further afield. He emphasises that the social cost of addiction is huge. One of the great things about recovery is that people actually get well and gain strength by giving their time and...
13th September 2023

Trauma and Addiction

James Deakin says: ‘For the vast majority of us it [addiction] is self-management of an underlying condition, it’s self-medication, or it’s just using any drink or drug to move away from a set of feeling[s] for a period of time.’ Addiction is often a symptom of a psychological problem, such as the impact of trauma. When people arrive at Penrhyn House, the residential part of North...
10th September 2023

Introducing James Deakin

James is a straight-talking, man of passion who offers through his personal and the NWRC story a brilliant insight into the nature of a peer-led recovery organisation and how it is so different from, and is beyond, the world of treatment. Here is a short Film Teaser made from my interview with James in March 2023.
10th September 2023

Filling a Void & Sewing for Kenya: James Deakin

James could feel the buzz and vibe in the room where Linda was working away with ‘a load of hardened former heroin users who had spent half their life in prison.’ One of the lads said, ‘For the first time in my life I actually feel like I’m contributing to someone else who is worse...’