Huseyin Djemil

30th November 2023

Demoralisation in a Treatment Service: Huseyin Djemil

There were things they could do that would help not just their clients, but also themselves. Huseyin found though his questionnaire that many of the practitioners were thinking of leaving, despite only being in the job for six months. And they had taken over from someone who...
3rd November 2023

Prison Detox Unit: Huseyin Djemil

When he worked as Drug Strategy Co-ordinator for the seven London Prisons, Huseyin was asked to review the detox unit at Wormwood Scrubs prison. He found awful conditions in the unit and made a number of recommendations for improvement which were taken up by the prison. Huseyin describes the resulting 55-bed...
10th October 2023

Being Heard: Huseyin Djemil

In the film clip below, Huseyin Djemil describes a project he had previously commissioned that involved giving homeless people in Aylesbury cameras to record their experiences on the street. The project participants were given the option of being anonymous when the project report was prepared.They didn't want to be anonymous...
6th October 2023

Until the Lion Learns To Write: Huseyin Djemil

Huseyin mentions the proverb, 'Until the lion learns to write, all the stories will be from the hunters' perspective.' He emphasises that the present sorts of video and the recovery-related content on the Recovery Voices website are the lion learning to write.
15th September 2023

From Recovery to Methadone: Huseyin Djemil

Methadone maintenance became more the norm, rather than clinical detoxes. After Huseyin left the prison service, prisoners who had detoxed after being addicted to opiates were encouraged to go on methadone before being released into the community. They were told: 'You could die out there'.
12th September 2023

Huseyin Djemil

Huseyin Djemil describes Towards Recovery, the recovery community that he developed in Henley-on-Thames in 2012. He also talks about some of his work as a freelance consultant, and reflects on various themes relating to addiction, recovery and treatment. Huseyin is in long-term recovery from an addiction to Class A drugs.
9th September 2023

Introducing Huseyin Djemil

Huseyin Djemil, Founder of Towards Recovery, talks about the development of this recovery community, describes some of his work as a freelance consultant in the addiction field, and reflects on various themes related to addiction recovery and treatment. He is in long-term recovery from an addiction to Class A drugs.